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A true ambassador of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle…meet Tammy Roche

True ambassador of healthy lifestyle

A true ambassador of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle…meet Natural Health Company sponsored athlete Tammy Roche.

Tammy Roche Natural Health Company Ambassador

A huge congratulation to Natural Health Company sponsored athlete Tammy Roche for placing 2nd at the WBFF Australia championships in the Gold Coast on the 14th May. It was Tammy’s first ever on stage. She is a true ambassador of a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and this is why she chose our range of natural and organic products to help fuel and prepare her for the event.

Tammy is a big part of the wellness industry. She is a nutritionist, women’s fitness trainer, yoga instructor and is organizes health and wellness retreats across Australian and the globe.

Tammy use are range of our products to prepare for the event, including Organic Fusion – Pea and Bio Fermented Brown Rice Protein, Body Shape – Natural Thermogenic (fat Burning) Protein, and to give her a natural energy hit, loaded with fat burning ingredients, before her workout, Tammy fuelled herself with our new, Skinny Bean – Natural Fat Burning Coffee.

What Tammy has to say about the experience.

“A BIG Thankyou to the crew at The Natural Health Company for having me as a sponsored athlete as I’m all about natural health and that’s what I’m all about. Maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle, I live and breathe everything health & wellbeing, I train and eat well but I also indulge from time to time. I also balance my lifestyle by surrounding myself with a supportive and positive tribe and only good vibes. I’ve proven to myself, that anything you set your mind to, is at arm’s reach. This 5 months of preparation was not easy (it was tough) but I made it, it opened my eyes to many things!! I wonder what will be next on my list…. Stay tuned”

For more updates about Tammy Roche, fitness and nutrition tips and upcoming wellness retreats visit @tamxfitgirl on instagram.
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