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Feed your face – fab foods for beauty

Feed your face. Fab food for beauty

It might be an old saying but the “you are what you eat” is #truth. Stop for a second and really think about how your body feels when you’ve over indulged – whether with too much alcohol, high-sugar desserts or fat-laden foods.

We can almost guarantee you didn’t feel your beautiful best. Whether that was being a few kilos heavier than you prefer, simply feeling a bit sluggish, or looking in the mirror to see dull skin.

This February we want you to, quite literally, feed your face to enhance your beauty. Here are a few food suggestions to get your started…

Not only are berries delicious, they are high in antioxidants which is great for overall health, and a boost for our skin and hair too – most contain plenty of Vitamin C which supports our natural Collagen production (think anti-ageing essential). Add them to your breakfast granola, or team them with some natural yoghurt for a snack.

PS – Or add one scoop of our Skinny Berries Superfood Detox to water or a smoothie for an instant hit of mixed berries.


The monounsaturated fat (read the healthy type) and Vitamin E make this a super skin food assisting collagen production, enhancing skin tone and helping to keep skin moisturised from the inside. Perfect eaten solo, added to salads or spread on a slice of grain toast – yum!


Leafy dark greens
You know it! Leafy greens like kale, spinach and broccoli are like some kind of miracle treatment. Containing alkalising vitamins and minerals, as well as generally being high in fibre, you’ll look great with energised skin and sparkling eyes, plus feel great too – bye-bye bloating! Create the perfect salad base, or try a green stir-fry.

PS – Or add one scoop of our Skinny Greens Superfood Detox to water or a smoothie to get your greens daily.


Feeling like something sweet, reach for the dark chocolate. It’s been shown to create smoother, more hydrated skin. Not to mention a chocolate treat just makes us happy, and there’s nothing more beautiful than happy.

This is just the express lane shopping basket, but there’s a whole host of foods that will have you looking and feeling your best ever.


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