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The Little Magic Berry that Promotes Weight Loss

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The little magic berry that promotes weight loss

We have all heard about the wonderful benefits of the Acai Berry.

But did you know, the Acai Berry is one of the healthiest berries you will ever find. It is a rich antioxidant with the following benefits:

1. Helps maintain a Healthy Heart
2. Promotes Weight loss
3. Promotes Healthy Skin
4. Helps with Digestion
5. Improves Cellular Health
6. Anti-Ageing Effects
7. Boosts Energy
8. Improves Mental Function
9. Lowers Cholesterol
10. Lowers Blood Pressure
11. Enhances Immune System
12. Increases Metabolism


This is why the Natural Health Company has included Tropical in its new Organic Fusion Pea & Brown Rice Protein and our Organic Fusion – Acai Berry Fusion flavour.

Organic Fusion is a 100% Natural Organic Pea & Rice Protein that is uniquely flavoured with real organic dried fruits, and has the added benefit Omega 3 & 6, Multivitamins and Acai in every serve.

Organic Fusion is a scientifically formulated, delicious Plant Based Protein Powder, packed full of essential goodness, to enhance results and promotes weight loss and management while assisting with recovery and wellbeing.

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