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Weight Loss for Women: 5 Easy Tips To Reach Your Goals

Weightloss for women five tips to reach your goals


At minimum, you should try to incorporate 3 x 1hr workouts a week. There are so many great options for exercise these days, from walking groups, Pilates, aerobics classes, dance classes, boxing, and the list goes on. Try mixing up, your weekly workouts, to stay motivated.
On days you can’t fit in a workout, even doing a quick 5 minute session in the morning, (a combination of squats, lunges, crunches, push ups and tricep dips (try aiming for 30 seconds intervals x 2 reps of each exercise), will help boost your metabolism and tone each part of your body.

We all know that drinking water keeps the skin hydrated and looking good, helps energise the muscles and helps maintain normal kidney and bowel function, but did you know that drinking at least 2L of water cans assist with losing weight.
Water does not contain and magical weight loss ingredients, but drinking 2L of water a day will keep you fuller for longer, therefore minimising snacking.
Replacing sweetened drinks with water, will also have positive effects on weight loss. Try infusing your water, by adding some fresh fruit. We love lime, Lemon and Mint.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it kick starts the metabolism, so skipping breakfast is a definite no, no. Try having scrambled egg whites with baby spinach and roasted tomatoes, or on busier morning a healthy breakfast smoothie. If you find that you don’t have time for breakfast, Diet Slim Natural Fat Burning Meal Replacement, is a great substitute.
It contains all the essentials and vitamins you need to keep you energised through the day and enough good carbohydrates to keep you full until your next meal. Best of all Diet Slim is convenient, simply place two scoops in a shaker and add water, wherever you are.

It’s hard to reach a goal, if you don’t have one. Set a realistic weight loss goal of where you would like to be 1 month and 1 year from now, and calculate how much weight you would need to loose each week, to reach your goal. This will help you stay on track and figure out if you need to be doing more to reach your weight loss goals.

Snacking is fine as long as it is healthy. Always have lots of healthy snack options on hand. Some easy, healthy snack options are:
Yogurt – Try mixing some granola, berries or passion fruit to make it more interesting.
Fruit – Any fresh fruit that is convenient, to keep on hand.
Veggies – Prepare carrot or celery sticks and dip into peanut butter.
Nuts – A small handful of unsalted and raw nuts are always a better option.
Protein Balls – Protein balls are high in protein, so they will keep you fuller for longer. The also usually contain lots of other healthy ingredients, such as coconut oil, almond meal, and chia seeds.

Try this homemade recipe: Chocolate, Goji & Cranberry Protein Balls by Natural Health Company

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