Body Shape – 500g

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Natural Thermogenic (Fat Burning) Protein
500g / 20 Serves

Skinny Bean Nutritional Values All natural protein
Skinny Bean Nutritional Values Rapid burning formula
Skinny Bean Nutritional Values Reduces body fat
Skinny Bean Nutritional Values Boosts metabolism
Skinny Bean Nutritional Values Gluten free
Skinny Bean Nutritional Values Omega & multivitamins
Skinny Bean Nutritional Values Natural sweeteners

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BODY SHAPE is a Natural Fat Burning Protein, made with the best quality grass-fed Whey Protein Isolate, natural flavours and is sweetened naturally with Stevia & Thaumatin. BODY SHAPE Natural Fat Burning Protein is gluten free, low in carbohydrates and natural sugar and was formulated specifically to assist with shifting unwanted weight, boosting the metabolism, reducing body fat and supporting appetite control, through its unique composition of ‘Rapid Burning’ ingredients.

Every serve of BODY SHAPE contains:

Garcinia Cambogia Garcinia Cambogia (500mg)
Raspberry Ketone Raspberry Ketone (100mg)
L Carnitine L Carnitine (300mg)
African Mango African Mango (100mg)
Green Tea Extracts Green Tea Extracts
Green Coffee Bean Extract Green Coffee Bean Extract
Coconut Oil Powder Coconut Oil Powder
Omega’s (Plant Based) Omega’s (Plant based)
Multivitamins Multivitamins

When is it best taken?
BODY SHAPE is best taken twice a day, any time of the day, in between meals. On days you exercise, it is best consumed after your workout. Many Natural Health Company customers, like to have a shake in the morning to kick start the metabolism.

So, if you are after a great tasting, all natural protein powder, without compromising on quality, then Body Shape is the product you are after.


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