Organic Fusion Tropical – 400g

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Organic Protein + Superfoods

400g / 16 Serves

 100% Organic Pea & Brown Rice Protein

 TROPICAL – Nutrient Rich and Alkalising

 Supports Immune System

 Boosts Metabolism

 Improved Health & Wellbeing

 Increased Energy & Vitality

 Vegan Friendly

 Gluten Free

 Lactose Free

 Naturally Sweetened with Stevia

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ORGANIC FUSION – Organic Protein + Superfoods is a blend of 100% organic Pea & Brown Rice Protein Isolate + Superfoods, packed with your choice of a full daily serve of nutrient rich and alkalising super green and antioxidants, to support healthy digestion by eliminating unwanted toxins in the body or a full daily serve of super berries and antioxidants, to help maintain a healthy immune system.

This organic protein powder comes with a complete amino acid profile, that is essential for supporting recovery and muscle repair, therefore assisting athletic performance. Through the use of these alkalised proteins,

ORGANIC FUSION may assist the body in reducing acidity, and increasing the absorption of nutrients, making it the perfect choice for vegan’s and people with food intolerances, such as lactose, soy, and gluten.

ORGANIC FUSION also contains organic Maca Powder for general health and increased physical energy and added fibre to promote healthy digestion.

This delicious plant based protein + superfoods is gluten free, sweetened naturally and packed full of essential goodness, to assist with nourishing the body and improving general health, vitality and wellbeing.


ORGANIC FUSION can be consumed any time of the day – between meals, as an addition to your favourite smoothie, or an ideal post workout shake. It can be added to water, coconut water or your favourite healthy beverage.

TROPICAL FLAVOUR: kale, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa grass, wheatgrass, broccoli, spinach, apple, celery leaf, dandelion root and ginger.


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